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  • "We have found a product we like in SoySeal. It is a pleasing product to work with because it has neither a strong odor nor strong fumes. We have found it works especially well on untreated wood and rock. We definitely recommend SoySeal."
    - Dan from Iowa
  • "I take care of an apartment complex and can tell you the SoyClean Graffiti Remover really astonished me by how well it worked. I tried ten different products and it was the only one that worked."
    - Rudy from Indiana
  • "The NuCut Plus has really been a revelation. It has opened a lot of new horizons for me. I’m now able to easily cut stainless steel and you wouldn’t believe how fast I cut aluminum. In addition to its performance I really like that it’s non-toxic."
    - Robert from Hawaii
  • "Please keep making the SoyPower (Soy Diesel Fuel Additive) for Diesel engines. It's awesome."
    - Lonnie from Oklahoma
  • "In a recent test, we found the most natural product [SoyClean BBQ Grill Cleaner] worked the best. This soy-based product cleaned just as well or better than the less-natural ones, and didn’t have the noxious odor."
    - Wall Street Journal, June 21, 2007
  • "I was amazed at the ease the paint came off! Once I put on the paint stripper and let it set, it came right up. I am a very happy customer."
    - Janice from Ohio
  • "I work for the City of New Haven, CT and we are very impressed with the performance of SoyClean Graffiti Remover. We got our bottle of SoyClean delivered today and went out this afternoon for a test on some of our worst graffiti. We were amazed."
    - Donna from Connecticut
  • "I tried it [Dry Erase Board Cleaner] and it is awesome stuff. It got rid of junk on some of our whiteboards we couldn’t get off for anything. Very good product."
    - Lois from Tennessee

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