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Frequently Asked Questions

SoyClean Non-Toxic Kitchen Cleaner


Do SoyClean Products really work?

Absolutely! SoyClean products were originally designed for industrial strength jobs. You will find that these products work as well, if not better than traditional toxic products. Soy has many powerful properties. When using our products, you will find it takes fewer applications and less elbow grease to do the job…“Others need to know how great it works. I am a very happy customer.”-Janice from Ohio

How can SoyClean products work so well if they don’t contain harsh or toxic ingredients?

Soy has two excellent natural properties that make our products so strong – solvency and lubricity. We have found that soy can do many great things…we started with only seven products, and a few years later we have around thirty!

Are your products available in stores?

SoyClean has traditionally been involved in the industrial, educational and government markets, and has only recently began to expand into retail networks. So while SoyClean products may not be available in retail locations everywhere, they can be quickly shipped anywhere in the U.S.

Who uses SoyClean Products?

SoyClean’s customers range from moms who are concerned about the safety of their family, to large manufacturers who can’t find a product tough enough to do the job. We do business with …
-City Municipalities
-State and National Parks
-Correctional Facilities
-Construction and Roads Crews
-Schools and Universities
-Manufacturers and Warehouses
-Everyday Customers

Are your products safe for people with allergies?

Because our products don’t give off toxic fumes, they are preferred by customers who are chemically sensitive. However, there are a lot of different kinds of allergies out there – some that we may not even be aware of – so we always encourage people with allergies to use our products with caution.

Are your products available in Canada?

We are currently working on expanding our product availability to Canada in response to a great amount of interest. If you would like to place an order from Canada, please call us so that we can direct you to a possible Canadian distributor, or arrange shipping to you directly.

What kind of coverage do your products get?

The Paint Stripper, Adhesive and Mastic Remover, and Graffiti Remover will all cover about 200 square feet per gallon. The SoySeal Wood Sealer also gets coverage of about 200 square feet per gallon, depending on the age and dryness of the wood.

Product Specific

Can your wood sealers be used indoors?

The SoySeal Wood Sealer products are intended for exterior wood. These are penetrating sealers, meaning they will not leave a glossy, poly-like coat on top of the wood surface. Both are designed to protect wood from damage caused by exposure to water, making either one an excellent choice for decks, docks, fences or other wood structures that are frequently exposed to the elements.

How does the paint stripper work?

The soybean oil gives the Paint Stripper an Extra long wet time. So while, it isn’t designed to work immediately, it is VERY effective when it is allowed time to work. The longer you let it set, the less scrubbing you will have to do. With only one application, you will be able to remove multiple layers of paint. SoyClean Graffiti Remover and Adhesive and Mastic Remover work the same way – even when removing tough carpet glue or tile mastic!


How long does it take for orders to ship?

If you order online or by phone, you can typically expect your order to ship out the next business day. Most orders in the U.S. ship between 3 to 7 business days, depending on where you live. For larger orders or if there is an expected delay, you will be informed of delivery time.

Can I have my order shipped over night or expedited?

Yes, we can expedite your order. When placing your order online, you will have different shipping options to choose from.

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