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Dry Erase Markerboard Cleaner & Restorer

SoyClean Dry Erase Markerboard Cleaner & Restorer harnesses the power of soy for a high perfromance green alternative to traditional products. A great way to keep your whiteboards looking like new, without the fumes. A light mist is all it takes to remove even the oldest marks and tracings. Dry Erase Markerboard Cleaner & Restorer's bio-based content is 91% as tested by Iowa State University using conventional radiocarbon analytical methods.

$12.99 ( 22 oz. )
$77.94 ( 22 oz. - 6 ct. )
$139.96 ( 1 gal. - 4 ct. )
$155.88 ( 22 oz. - 12 ct. )
$209.94 ( 1 gal. - 6 ct. )

Material Safety Data Sheet


  • Soy based formula
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Non-toxic
  • No caustic fumes
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-abrasive

Easy to Use...

  • Shake contents for at least 30 seconds before application and occasionally during application.
  • Apply a light to moderate mist in a small test area first to judge application rate, time, and suitability.
  • Allow about 30 seconds for the cleaner to work. For tough stains reapply and allow more time, wipe the treated surface with a soft cloth or paper toweling.
  • SoyClean contains natural soybean oil and can leave a slight film, if film exists use a damp cloth and a mild soap to remove the film.
  • Properly dispose of all toweling or cloths used in the removal of the marker.