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Environmentally Preferred Stinky Pee Eater

Environmentally Preferred Stinky Pee Eater effectively breaks down and digests the odor source rather than masking it. This green cleaner removes fabric stains by digesting the stains and odors. Maintains drains by digesting and liquifying blockages and build-ups in the pipes to keep them free running. A special blend of non-toxic enzymes, detergents and natural solvents breaks down, digests and liquifies organic matter into their simple natural state. Matter like: starches, blood, urine, feces, carbohydrates, fats, oils, greases, detergents, many toxic wastes, poisons, odors, nicotine, grass stains.

$11.99 (22 oz.)
$71.94 (22 oz. - 6 ct.)